36 volt trolling motor hook up, battery life and ratings

24 and volt Wiring Diagrams

You can't post conmments that contain an email address. You'll want to make sure your circuit breaker is rated just above the maximum amperage drawn by your motor at max speed. This will cause a voltage drop.

Even with two batteries rated at amperage hours, the total number of amperage hours available is still - the same as the twelve-volt single battery motor. If you put a twenty-four volt or thirty-six volt motor on a boat that only needs a twelve-volt motor, you can operate your trolling motor much longer! Listed below is a rough estimation of how long various amperage rating chargers will take to fully charge a near empty twelve-volt battery. Minn Kota wil tell you not to have the big motor on the same batteries as the trolling motor. Using a trolling motor with a built-in battery meter, or purchasing an external one is a great way to keep tabs on how much power you have left.

Battery Life and Ratings

If your trips are more infrequent, the eight to ten hour recharge time offered by a five-amp charger should work just fine. If it were me, I would buy the furnace and wait on the generator. Depending on your charger and the size of your batteries, it may require hours of engine run time to achieve a full charge. You apparently are electrically challenged so I won't go into detail why using the specified battery is important.

When it comes to chargers, there are three basic types you can pick from. It took me a minute or two to draw the diagram. If your floor is insulated you may get by at watts, russiske dating svindlere but if it's not insulated it won't keep it very warm in the house.

Battery experts say that deep cycle marine batteries should go no more than four weeks without being charged. That's much less wordy than what I said. Announcements Read This Before Posting! Ideally there should be one for the outboard, one for electronics and one for the electric motor.

Glad to know that I should not. Want to join the Coast Guard Auxiliary? One of the most confusing aspects of selecting a trolling motor is the array of electrical questions that inevitably arise. These batteries are built using a glass plate and a gel like substance vs. This information is often available in the literature and product manuals, but these aren't always easily accessible when shopping for a motor.

Are you a Minn Kota Boating Expert? While numbers vary by individual motor, the following chart offers an approximate idea of amperage drawn and battery life by motor size. If you regularly fish in bad weather or strong currents, you'll need to account for that in your battery life calculations and planning. While you could conceivably charge two or three batteries separately with a single bank charger, dating it's much more convenient to have all your batteries charged in one session. Your answer needs to include more details to help people.

Combining 36 volt and 12 volt together in one boat

Batteries are rated using a metric called amperage hours. Please enter a valid email address. What type of battery to buy?

Now lets fast forward to the end of your toughest fishing day. Almost done with the loop. The three battery setup should work with out a hitch.

Plus if you blow the breaker, you just reset it. The livewell timer is a good power saving device. Onboard chargers are fast, convenient and are the most popular type of charger used. While the figures listed below are believed to be fair approximations of expected performance they are only that - approximations.

The addition of extra batteries usually introduces confusion regarding proper wiring, battery life and other issues, so it's important to understand the implications of multiple battery systems. The email address entered is already associated to an account. Agree with the breaker vs a fuse. If you just let it sit until you need it.

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24 Volt Battery

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How to Connect a Trolling Motor to a Battery

How to Wire a 36-Volt Minn Kota

  1. While you can deplete the battery to near empty, it's best to recharge before running it down to absolutely no power.
  2. Variable speed motors let you set the motor speed exactly where you want it, where fixed speed motors usually have five pre-set speeds you have to choose from.
  3. For most motors, a sixty-amp circuit breaker should offer upside protection without tripping at normal operating speeds.
  4. Thank you again Silvertip.
  5. If corrosion has built up inside the wires this will also cause high resistance causing excessive heat build up.

Your post was spot on though. Apart from battery efficiency benefits, variable speed motors are simply more convenient and are often worth the additional price. Who needs tv in a fish house? Whenever I went to crank it would always turn.

If you need exact run times for a specific motor, make sure to request the exact amperage drawn from the manufacturer. What do i need for the hook up to a battery? Just hook up your batteries like this. In fact the battery in always hooked up to my charger when the boat is not being used.

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  • Your boat should start really fast.
  • Maybe come tax time in the spring.
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  • To achieve the speed you want, you have to go faster than you really need and, subsequently, use more power than you otherwise would with a variable speed motor.

Those serious about battery maintenance can purchase a battery tender, agency dating a device that continually puts a very small charge into a battery. One thing to be sure of is using the right gauge of wire. Pay attention to which battery is used for this.

You are already frustrated by the winds and lack of fish. Is this enough to start the boat? You should be good with just a set of jumper cables.

SOLVED Diagram of 36 volt hookup for trolling motor - Fixya

It's important to note that weather and water conditions can drastically affect battery performance. Wiring a thirty-six volt trolling motor, which uses three batteries, looks very similar and follows the same process. Or carry a jump start box. It's worth a thousand words. There are reasonably priced circuit breakers available.

Was not trying to be a smart hasp, what is it? If you have enough brain power to keep it straight while you are wireing it it makes good sence. Another lead would be run from the negative lead of the third battery to the circuit breaker, completing the circuit back to the motor. Answer questions, earn points and help others Answer questions.

Marine Battery Wiring 101

Whether or not the technology delivers a full five hundred percent improvement in battery life, technologies such as these are a great way to get more run time out of your battery. The Indians have just been absolutely lights out the last several weeks! You'll almost certainly want a single bank charger for a twelve-volt system, a dual bank charger for a twenty-four volt system, and a triple bank charger for a thirty-six volt system. That water is moving incredibly fast! Without a breaker, the motor would draw more and more power in an attempt to try to turn the jammed prop until it eventually burns itself up, causing irreversible damage.

Related Articles of Interest. This keeps the battery healthy and charged over time without having a regular, wrong full power charger always connected. There are a few remaining wiring and electrical issues that should be noted.


How to Wire a Volt Minn Kota

The battery does get charged at night after a fishing. If the extension is shorter than six feet, you can use eight-gauge wire without a problem. It is ok to use them for starting duty on an outboard.

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