Antique clocks dating, general facts helpful to know when dating antique clocks

Telechron Digitel Anolog clock that looks digital. Sailboat Clock by United Clock Corp. Westwood Chadwick carriage clock? My husband bought it from an antique dealer for me for valentine's day.

Tips to help you estimate the age and date of your antique clock

She paid pounds for it at that time. My husband brought this clock home one day and I know nothing about it. No brand names of any kind on this clock.

You should seek an appraisal from an unbiased professional who has no financial interest in the item being appraised. Black Forest styling on cabinet. The face is behind glass and is gold and black. My husband recently purchased this clock for me, and it's beautiful but I know nothing about it. The finish is in new condition to me.

It works well and keeps good time. Not sure what it is worth. Do you have a pic of the front plate. It is made from what looks and feels like white marble. Need info on E Ingraham Co.

It was a gift and I could never find out how much they had paid. It says Ingraham eight day in the center of the clock face. Wrangler is stamped on the back of the clock. Ingraham, and The Waterbury Clock Company. Do not know the date it was made.

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There he joined Eli Terry and Silas Hoadley in a business of making clocks at a wholesale rate. From longcase clocks ceased being made in London, the clockmakers followed the demands of fashion, and made bracket, or shelf clocks. Which I am guessing is gear tooth count And the only other helpful dating tip is the plastic that is separating on the clock face. Help dating a Gilbert movement. It didn't work, so I had the movement repaired at a clockmakers shop.

Can you help identify this clock? The face is brass with three brass weights. This clock forum page may be able to help.

  • When I found this clock it was covered by two inches of dust.
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  • He told me it is German-made and over years old about years.
  • My father did not like the sound so she stopped.

The clock I believe is the Yale model. The maker was United Clock Corp. The name William Harris engraved on the plate. The face looks like it's thick paper with a glaze? All is very addicting, so watch out!

They tell you the name of the company or clock maker that made the clock along with the city, state, or country of origin. Please let us know if anyone has information about this clock. Not much white left on here - - -.

Is this clock considered a cuckoo clock? Trance, see that's one of the things we fight against here. She was stationed in Europe.

Identify an Antique Clock

Antique Onyx and Champleve Mantel Clock. Often used by Thomas Thompion, but appears. It is a wall clock without glass over the face. The manufacturer does not put their name on the clock at all. This clock looks new and runs really well.

They belonged to my grandfather and he was an antique dealer. Entire books have been written on the subject. This clock came from the Palmer House Hotel in Chicago and was inherited by us.

  1. We are also unable to repair or replace any items returned to us for the time being.
  2. Its in excellent condition.
  3. It does not look like anyone has worked on this movement Andy.
  4. Perpetual calendar clocks were made from ca.
  5. This clock was something included in an auction I recently bought.
  6. What date would you place it around?

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How to Determine the Value of an Antique Clock

The land included a clock factory and was conveniently located near Eli Terry's new shop where was the non-compete agreement? You may want to get an official documented appraisal for your antique clock. When this is the case, look next to the label. Do you have a clock to sell?

But some of the most common things to look at first are usually the most helpful. It has half a label on the back. Previous Thread Next Thread. Very typical of the late dials, except for the center seconds and use of minute numbers.

Thank you for your patience. Trance, your clock style was quite popular from about to the mid s. This is not an exact photo. It uses tone rods, and has a great sound. Daniel, we do need pictures of the clock and the movement, before we start puzzling around.

Help date a Junghans clock

Hello, I need a lot of help in identifying this antique clock I have. This is a French antique brass cased carriage clock with a finely pierced border to the base section. There is an online database of antique clock descriptions and prices. Some Southern clocks continued this to the end of the brass dial period, but by the vast majority were separate from the door, fitted to the hood frame.

Waterbury Clock Identification

Arched top painted dial with rocking ship automation to the top. It has since fallen into disrepair and needs an overhaul to get it running again. She use to wind it up to hear the chimes. It has a night light lamp in the covered wagon.

It has the initials P F on back of the clock. We brought this to our local clock repair store and the gentleman there told us it was black onyx. Hi Jurgen Where did you get the one you have? Somebody asked me to sell it.

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It is a brass carriage clock as per photograph. Click below to see contributions from other visitors to this page. It is a woman's mantel clock. Start by giving your clock a thorough examination.

Antique Clocks Tips to Help in Dating Antique Clocks
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Is in working order but needs a pendulum. Does anyone know more about it? It no longer works but looks good. Do any of you know what type I need, ruby dating or where I could get one? It's in need of a restoration.

General Facts Helpful to Know When Dating Antique Clocks

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