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They were successful and received a takeaway as a reward. With Makosi's help, they had to steal clothes and food from the main Big Brother House when the other housemates were asleep, and to make sure that the other housemates did not find out about them. The first room featured ten beds, three sleeping bags, and a cot. When a HouseGuest let go of their button, they were eliminated from the competition.

This week, it was time up for the game-player Michael. The House for Big Brother was a radical change from the oppressive and angled House from the previous year. Kemal was randomly being selected to be a double agent for this task. All uneaten food was later weighed, and the team with the lowest amount of wasted food was the winner.

John tried to save Jamie with the three-point twist, but Jamie had enough nomination points that no difference was made. Eugene was given one minute to make to his decision while he was watched on screen by the rest of the housemates. Camilla, Rob, and Jamie gained the most nominations. Earlier in the evening, Rachel who was eavesdropping on Janelle and Michael in the Gold Room overheard Michael make a poor joke about Eric's grandparents to Janelle. Derek requested cigars and was given a secret mission to receive them.

Big Brother 6 (UK)

Shortly afterwards, Ivette told Kaysar he had no respect for women, attacked Kaysar's beliefs and made racial remarks. The House featured two bedrooms, excluding the Head of Household room. In the event of a tie, sandra bullock dating chris evans the Head of Household would break the tie and reveal their vote in front of the other HouseGuests. Each housemate had to sit in a cardboard box for as long as they could. Apparently the public had had enough of power couple JamKat as Katie was thrown out of the house via the exit room.

Rachel, the first Head of Household, was later given clues to find a second bedroom, which she eventually did. She passed her task as none of the housemates nominated her for eviction. Derek, Eugene and Orlaith prepared a mime performance. The reps had to cook all food for the housemates, start conga lines at random times of the day, organize beauty contests, and clean the House. The only clothing initially supplied to the three secret housemates was fig-leaf underwear.

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Ultimately, James was the winner of the competition. Arena football league dancer. Please read the following before uploading Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload.

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The Tuesday episode featured the Power of Veto competition and the Power of Veto ceremony, along with more highlights of recent events in the game. The other HouseGuests blocked Eric's attack at Michael. With that in mind, it was Camilla, David, Krystal, and first-timer Gaelan who were put up for this week's vote. Makosi was told she would automatically be up for eviction that week unless she managed to get the most nominations from her housemates, in which case she had to nominate two people for eviction.

Big Brother 6

Big Brother 6

Big Brother 6 (UK)

  1. These turned out to be Makosi and Vanessa, with Makosi receiving the largest percentage of votes.
  2. April was the winner of this competition.
  3. Science was randomly chosen as the captain.
  4. Ivette was the winner of the competition.
  5. Obviously, she chose Jamie to take into the rewards room.

She became the sixth member of the Jury of Seven. World Cup fever was about as the housemates competed for this week's cup of life! Each week, the HouseGuests took part in several compulsory challenges that determined who would win food, luxuries, most and power in the House. Some changes to the scheduling format were made. The housemates passed the task and were rewarded with a luxury meal.

Big Brother (Australia) - Season 6

  • Perhaps surprising some, the two new Housemates, Max and Chris, were not the sole targets tonight.
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  • The sixth season saw a moderate decline in ratings.
  • It was the most dramatic night in the house so far this year.
Big Brother (British series 6)

As Makosi was on a secret mission, she had to evict one person from the secret garden, the other two entered the House. She managed to pass the task easily, cinderella receiving no nominations at all. Eugene was on a secret mission to mimic the first person that asked him a question.

HouseGuests were sequestered in the Big Brother House with no contact to and from the outside world. After a HouseGuest became Head of Household he or she was ineligible to take part in the next Head of Household competition. Maggie was the winner of the competition. About one hour after Craig was evicted, Big Brother called a housemate to the Diary Room and Eugene was first to respond.

Big Brother 6 (UK)

Episode Guide

It began with Big Brother dropping a bombshell on the housemates as he revealed Michael had been an Insider, secretly working against the house, since week one. Housemates Makosi and Craig returned to Big Brother in as part of a retrospective week of that series, involving tasks from all previous series of Big Brother. Big Brother then told the second lie by announcing that the housemates up for eviction were Anthony, Craig and Kemal, when in fact they were the only housemates not up. Big Brother held a speed dating task. Due to this, the House received a basic shopping budget for the next week.

The HouseGuest who finished the chain in the fastest time would be the winner. Some competitions allowed all HouseGuests to earn food for the week, while others cause them all to lose food for the week. This season saw the return of the fantasy game first introduced in the previous season. Every other housemate was diagnosed with a problem and had to follow the rules of their injuries. She succeeded in her task, receiving the most nominations along with Roberto and Sam, antenna who were now immune.

Big brother 6 speed dating

But Gaelan, using his three-point twist, saved Ashley, which caused Claire and Dino to be put up aswell. She was instantly set a secret mission in which she needed to get at least one person not to nominate her. Big Brother decided it was necessary to fill the gap left by John and Ashley, and so, with only three weeks remaining, sent in two new male Housemates - Max and Chris. It was another double eviction, and we saw as first Jade and then Dino were voted out of the house. Ultimately, James was the winner of the Power of Veto for the second week in a row.

Science slapped everyone but Anthony, Derek, and Maxwell and received seven rolls. The first member of the team to grab the Veto symbol and place it on a pole would be the winner of the competition. Makosi pressed the button and was immediately called to the Diary Room. He chose to take Claire into the Rewards Room. After days in the house, it all came down to one huge finale night!

The housemates failed to realise this, so passed the task. He asked Michael which male housemate he thought was the most and least hunky. HouseGuests enter the house a few days before the premiere, and the feeds are not live for the first few days. All housemates besides the captain had to do various tasks involving being a pirate and were only allowed two fails per day.

The housemates were split into three teams. For the third time, nominations had been discussed, this time between Maxwell and Anthony, so they were banned from nominating. The season received critical acclaim from fans and critics with people praising the dynamics of the cast and the unpredictability of the season. Kinga Makosi's choice to evict. They would use the cups of water to fill a box in the backyard, and the first HouseGuest to retrieve the ball out of their box would be the winner.

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