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Table Games

Casino Table Games Lady luck is on your side! As one of the most popular casino games, casino player magazine coupon it draws regulars and veterans alike. Tables are located on the first floor in the casino.

Bonus Craps Bonus Craps adds three new side bets that win big based on the numbers rolled. The Player with the highest ranking five card hand out of the seven cards available wins the pot. The Player may raise the bet one time, and has three opportunities to do so. In the event your first two cards are an Ace and any ten-value card, the Dealer announces your hand as Blackjack.

Table Games Delaware Park

Dragon Bonus This is an extra wager in baccarat you can use to increase your winnings. Earn entries on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The Player makes their best five card hand out of the seven cards available. Get some extra action on each blackjack wager. Once a Player has placed a wager and received cards, that Player must remain seated until the completion of the round of play.

Odds An additional wager in support of a pass line or come bet. Hands of two pair or better pay out additional bonuses. Place your bet and get your cards. Odds are listed in the payout chart.

Please refer to the paytable below. See posted pay tables for payouts. Table Games Bonus Sweepstakes.

Black Jack is easy to learn and perfect for table game beginners. This game is simple to learn and fun to play. If the player wins one hand and the banker wins one, neither party wins. Learn more about simple Blackjack strategies and techniques. Players are pleased to find familiar betting patterns along with enhancements that give more power to the player.

All games are lottery games controlled by the Delaware Lottery. Video Lottery Agent for the Delaware Lottery. Look at the Roulette table in the diagram.

Click here for more information about Poker. Only highest payout paid per player. On the turn and river, raise or fold. To roll a Number Combination, the Player must roll all dice combinations for that number. You will be paid at this time if the Dealer does not have Blackjack.

Winners must be present to win. Hot Roller Craps is a new bonus wager for the game of Craps. Field You can bet on every roll of the dice. Here you see letters that represent the various types of bets in the game.

Other decisions may be made verbally. When a point is established, the bet will be placed behind that number.

One more community card is dealt River. Player receives one down card followed by a round of betting. The Banker will be identified by a white plastic marker with black lettering. Lady luck is on your side!

Delaware Casino Table Games at Dover Downs Hotel & Casino

Players enjoy the simple betting patterns and brand new enhancements that provide additional opportunities to win. The Dealer will collect the commission when the winning wager is paid. Hitting and doubling of split hands, including Aces, is allowed. If any of these numbers are rolled, you win.

Delaware Park Casino Delaware Park

Delaware Park Casino Delaware Park

Delaware Park Casino

Delaware Casino Table Games at Dover Downs Hotel & Casino

Table Games

The Player with the lowest ranking five card hand out of the seven cards available wins the pot. The bank is offered to each Player and each Player may accept or pass, in which case the bank is offered to the next Player. Handling of Cards Players are not allowed to touch the cards. When doubling down, you draw only one additional card.

Game participants can choose to bet on either the player or the banker's hands. Use our diagram as your guide.

Table Limits

Put up your ante and bet along with any side wagers. Visit the Capital Club or doverdowns. These chips must be redeemed before you leave that particular table.