Dating jaques chess sets, jaques of london

Jaques of London

Any experiences playing on one? There are plenty of these offered in eBay and I for example do not consider them collectable. They also have a marble board from the same era but we have not located the pieces yet. They make them all the time in great numbers. Hello I have a chess set that I bought while stationed in Afghanistan very unique set.

Anonymous Chess Collector Advice to novice eBayers

Nicholas Coleridge C.B.E President of Cond Nast International

From the pictures you can see it had a long history. Possibly made and supplied for the British Indian troops. Complete with finely inlaid wood chessboard. Buy the best you can afford, inspect each sets carefully especially Jaques!

Antique Staunton Chess

Look how lovely these are. So i hope i found a serious buyer. You will want to have a set with minimal damage and know about possible replacements before bidding.

Antique Chess Sets - A primer on identification and value - Chess USA

These sets are turned and polished. Thank you too to Floyd for providing an alternative viewpoint. Baize is a more coarse, woolen material than the billiard cloth used today. Would you mind taking a look at photos to advise me on your opinion of it's origin and possible value?

Antique Chess Set

It might have been made yesterday. They collect all sorts of chess sets and might have more information. In nice overall condition. Hi, I purchased a chess set in while we were stationed in Rota, Spain.

But it was kept very well. One pawn looks to have a burl. We need information, but we do not need to set up a high vs low class of collectors. Looking forward to when you're back. See anything I'm dead wrong about?

Antique Chess Set

  1. Unfortunately, there are literally thousands of different artisans and manufacturers that have made chess piece sets over the years.
  2. This is another example of a modern ivory set.
  3. Floyd Sarisohn Lichess aol.
  4. But, it's coming along, and I'm hoping for some of these things to be incorporated in the future.
  5. My grandmother brought it home from Italy over thirty years ago.

Reproduction and Real Jaques of London Chess Set

Antique Staunton Chess

British Chess Company Staunton pattern sets. As they were manufactured industrially, many composite sets exist. But the crudely painted example above is miserable crap.

Jaques of London

Antique Staunton Chess

  • Any estimate of value or where I might go to get an accurate appraisal would be greatly appreciated.
  • Actually, this isn't just limited to reproductions.
  • Camaratta excellent site House of Staunton have some great information on Jaques and how to date them.
  • There are not a whole lot of brick and mortar chess stores out there, so I realize we fill a very particular niche in the chess world.
  • The pattern varies greatly.


This is a large set probably made by one of the better manufactures like Calvert. All is in very good complete original condition. It folds up and can be carried like a case. But, I do think it would be a nice set to have.

This is the practice of con men. Likewise, there are tons that are from other manufacturers with less brand recognition. That is one of the best things I have ever read as a guide to buying chess sets.

Dating staunton chess sets
Antique Chess Sets A primer on identification and value
Staunton chess set

One knight and one rook from each side with small impressed crown to their tops to donate kings side when playing. It is brand new and has nothing to do with bone or rosewood. The pieces of an attractive toffee colour and good patina. However the rooks are very strange, like an earlier form. The pieces seem to be made of brass and nickel which make them pretty heavy and they range from a couple inches tall to inches tall.

May be off topic, but isn't the Jaques set a kind of Stauntun set? The chess pieces are green and red. Also, I do see there are a hell lot of Stauntun sets on chess sites.

Yes, a very nice and informative post. But what isn't fine is when those sets are falsely marketed, as you're pointing out. Well, your article has given me food for thought. However, chess sets have been made in the same style in the later period. Sometimes it is a good idea to ask for an image of undersides of the pieces.

These might look and feel quite like real stones but hot needle test will reveal their true nature. One chess set is a dragon set with dragon pieces, one is a chess set of pirates and pirate like pieces. Because of that, we get a lot of requests for things we do not normally handle.

The finely carved and turned boxwood and ebony chessmen with the early Andressen style knights. Take good pictures of the set and send them to the expert. The pattern itself has a proud history and the good examples are highly sought after and cost thousands of dollars. They might be cast from resin or some composite material grounded stone mixed with resin or whatever.

Buy them if you like them but do not expect them to be anything but modern. Take a look at the following pictures. Finally there is a lesser known company out there called Amritsar Ivory Works. Perhaps they used an ivory set as reference material.

Ideal for any of the Staunton chess sets above. Some collectors may very well enjoy collecting contemporary Chinese and Japanese sets, what to do online and of course that is fine. Different strokes for different folks. Or maybe if they are valuable?

Jaques London is imprinted on the base of the underside of the white king after it is also imprinted on the red king therefore dating this set to pre i. So I doubt any of the retailers are paying royalties to Jaques. The Dublin pattern were marketed by Jaques, the style of these sets does vary quite a bit from set to set so I think there was more than one manufacturer.

Are you as obsessed with this particular set as I am? The box says classic by ganine made in usa Pacific game company North Hollywood California no. People are much more likely to come over and chat a bit, or want to try their hand at the game if they see a group playing on a fine set.

Calling these Hastilow might have come from a dealer J. Reading peter ludwig werkstatten kolhn germany do you have any info. The bear wears a monk's cowl. However, sub they are both single pieces the bases differ and most probably just decorative busts.

Assume that every item has some hidden faults and try to find them. Buy it if you like it, dating jeugd it is not crap. How many faults can you find from the pictures? The king lion has superb detail to face and costume. They might be quite good but are made in large quantities and therefore are not collectable in my opinion.

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