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Table for Dating Vintage Omegas by Serial Number and Year

The pressure is gradually increased to reach the pressure at the working depth. To many, it here where the concept of vintage Speedmaster collecting ends and the era of limited editions begins. Whether my triple date has a tritium leaf, I can not just guess. They include, for example, cookies that enable you to log into secure areas of the Website. The indexes and central hour and minute hands are coated in Super-LumiNova.

If you want to be on the safe side, look no further for a triple date with vanilla-yellow tritium indices and pointers. This helps us to improve the way the Website works. Nothing found for your search View all faqs. Especially the moon watch. It is no coincidence that it was around the same time that the Speedmaster gained international acclaim as the Moonwatch that Omega decided to try to pump up production numbers by lowering costs.

  1. Our stainless steel is so stable that it does not release nickel and is therefore safe for allergy sufferers.
  2. All backs of the and feature a single bevel to the edge.
  3. These are rare and highly collectable watches but must be accompanied by an extract from the archive to prove their authenticity.

You may, however, have some questions about its functions or how to make small adjustments. This increases the tritium probability since the weak radioactive light source see Wikipedia was still used by many manufacturers. Pressure is then returned to atmospheric levels and this is when the valve must be opened only for deep-sea dives lasting several days. Amazing bragging rights for the owner, for sure. This is our pick as one of the best investments for the future.

Crown and Caliber

Omega serial numbers How old is your Omega watch
  • In this case, we recommend you buy a watch which is made of titanium.
  • Take a closer look at your timepiece with the Speedmaster loupe, complete with a tachymetric scale around the glass.
  • You have to have a watch and want to wear it.
  • Identifying a watch is perhaps the easiest of all Speedmasters, due to some very noticeable differences from later watches, not the least of which are the broad arrow hands.
  • When it comes to sports chronographs there is none other that is as soaked in lore as the Omega Speedmaster.

As I said, the increasing desire of older Speedmaster models should soon benefit the Triple Date as well. Some of the watches are not yet so old that the light source Tritium age-related vanilla-yellow colors, you can often only guess if it is a tritium dial. Speedmaster Loupe Take a closer look at your timepiece with the Speedmaster loupe, complete with a tachymetric scale around the glass. Like many watch manufacturers, Omega uses a serial number system to keep track of when a timepiece was made and to mark its authenticity. The difference between these two movements is the way in which the watch is wound up.

These cookies record information about choices you make on the Website, such as your user name, language or the region you are in. They record your visit to the Website, the pages you have visited and the links you have followed. Looking to sell your Omega watch? If you are looking to determine the date of a contemporary watch, it's best to contact Omega directly.

The Speedmaster Professional is worn by astronauts in outer space. Each of these numbered codes is divided into six lettered groups, A through to F, which refer to the specific details of the timepiece. Should your Omega have a serial number, it's usually worth searching it on the internet, as replicas tend to use the same numbers for multiple versions of the same watch.

Read off the tachymetric scale the speed indicated by the central seconds hand. The Quick Reference Guide. And then, dating appeared in the second-hand market near instantaneously.

Brittons Watches - Date your Omega Watch by Serial Number

Omega Speedmaster Date of Manufacture by Serial Numbers

It is the last Speedmaster with luminous markers that run all the way through the minute track. Please note that the intensity and duration of the luminosity may vary depending on the watch model, the colour of the Super-LumiNova material and the time of exposure to the source of light. This again increases the desire.

In principle, I recommend you once again a clock of the Omega Speedmaster Mark series. Each and every Omega watch has a unique seven- or eight-digit serial number, which is etched into its case during production. They are thus the first Omega Speedmasters to go into space. The vast majority of manually wound Speedmasters came from Huguenin Freres, but for this reference, we see a different casemaker on occasion.

Unfortunately, no used vintage Moonwatch. Here we begin to see larger pushers on the Speedmaster for the first time. This watch forms the iconography of the Speedmaster Professional from until present day.

Of course, these now use Super Lumuniva instead of tritium of those earlier years. Above all, because the enormous price increases of the sought-after models lead to the second series also increasing in value. In this way, we are able to personalize your visit to the Website. The divers, still inside the bell, cajun online dating are then lowered to the working site.

Only made, in honour of the year the group started, and all were sold in four hours. The next two numbers of the code Group B refer to the material of the watch head and bracelet or strap. The number of replacement parts, even fake parts, is just remarkable, and when looking at an early, high-dollar Speedmaster, be extra vigilant. Many of us in the Revolution office are kicking ourselves for not scooping one up when we had the chance. Also, it is with this reference that the connection to space begins to take shape.

Omega Speedmaster Racing - AskMen

These copycat serials are often flagged up among the watch community as typical fakes. It showed how desirable limited editions could be, especially if sold on-line and targeting enthusiasts. There is no linear transition with Speedmasters, and one must remember that when trying to date an example. At midnight, the date of the ending day is still entirely visible at the bottom of the date window, with the new date appearing at the top of the window.

Frequently asked questions

The second watch he wears is a Seamaster Aqua Terra M. If you have an Omega watch that was manufactured recently, there is a very good chance that you will find the serial number on the back of the watch. The difference between these eight sub-references can be minimal, so we'll do the best we can to break them down for you.

What we mean by this is that just about anything goes here. Incidentally, if we can revive that term for the tachy-bezel, I will consider my life a success. If you're still not sure, you can also check the serial number with Omega themselves, who should be able to confirm whether it's authentic or not. To find out more about cookies, please also see our Cookie Notice. At my watch, I was simply convinced of the very good condition.

The large case with external bezel, Omega believed, would allow wearers to quicker reference the scale for measuring speed. The reference is where things get tricky. And that is reflected in the prices today. Why We Love the Speedy When it comes to sports chronographs there is none other that is as soaked in lore as the Omega Speedmaster. The precision of a mechanical movement depends on the individual habits of the wearer and can therefore vary.

Again, almost anything goes, but this story should provide you a guiding light into what should be. Its history on Earth and in space is like no other chronograph ever created. The location of the number depends on the age of your timepiece, as the company has used several locations over the years. And I have to admit that it was a bit unusual for me to wear such a small Speedmaster at the beginning.

Omega Speedmaster Watches

Sub-reference is the first to feature a painted logo on the dial while retaining the original caseback on early examples. Not only are they more complicated, but they are also far more rare, with a target market much narrower than their simple time-telling brothers. Either way, the bottom line is that these were made for a very brief period and are, therefore, 100 extremely rare. We must not also forget that this was the exact time period when Switzerland would begin to feel the pressure of Japanese quartz for the first time.

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Omega Serial Numbers by Year

Omega serial numbers How old is your Omega watch

Selling Your OMEGA Speedmaster Watches

And maybe my watch has received a buzz dial over the years, even during a revision. But I can assure you that you get used to it very quickly. Above all, you have to get used to this clock, intj dating to compare it directly with the Moonwatch.

Speedmaster reference and should always have a stainless-steel bezel. This innovative technology will forever change the way the watchmaking industry approaches the ever-increasing challenges of magnetic fields. Consider this original advertisement for the Omega Speedmaster seen below. That is what Omega first called its engraved tachymeter bezel.

Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional

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