Glee who did blaine hook up with, kurt-blaine relationship

Kurt, Mike, Mercedes and Will then decide to jump on stage and join the group, and he and Blaine share a microphone. Their conversation is interrupted however by the Vogue office phones ringing off the hook. It's funny how many people want to see these boys hook up.

Mercedes-Mike Relationship. Sam tells him that he needs to say that to Kurt, but Blaine replies that Kurt isn't talking to him, and he doesn't blame him, openly acknowledging that his actions broke the trust they shared. The two skate together and sing White Christmas.

Rachel-Brittany Relationship. He sings Beth in the episode Theatrically. They also sit next to each other during choir practice. The next scene Kurt and Blaine have together is after the opening night - Blaine is rehearsing a move that he messed up.

Blaine and Eli s Hookup on Glee What Exactly Happened

Blaine admits that he just wants to further punish himself for cheating on Kurt. Kurt-Sebastian Relationship. When the winner is announced, Blaine is seen shaking Sebastian's hand, possibly ending the feud. When the song ends, Blaine is onstage for his Grease audition, where Artie and Finn tell him that he was amazing and perfect for Danny Zuko.

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Blaine-Sebastian Relationship

Kurt makes a list of ways to get back at Sebastian and Santana gives out a few violent suggestions, but he decides he needs to take the high road. During the scene, we can see Blaine and Kurt getting a coffee together before reuniting with the others. Back in the Bushwick loft, Kurt faces Blaine.

She says she loves him, but states that she can't keep their current relationship up, and she breaks up with him despite Finn's claims that he was giving her freedom. Blaine flirts with Kurt, benefits of and in Wonder-ful Blaine asks permission from Burt to ask Kurt to marry him. Realizing that he does have feelings for him. Artie-Mercedes Relationship.

Blaine and Eli s Hookup on Glee What Exactly Happened

Tina-Mercedes Relationship. Blaine says it's because his brother is in town and is planning to take him to lunch. Santana-Kurt Relationship. The Sue Sylvester Shuffle. Kurt wonders how often Blaine and Sebastian talk when Sebastian mentions that Blaine told him their plan on the phone that morning.

After Finn convinces Kurt and Blaine to come to prom, Brittany tells Blaine that he can't join unless he gets rid of the gel in his hair. Mercedes-Kurt Relationship. He says that Kurt is his soul mate, and that they were planning to spend the rest of their lives together. Quinn-Mercedes Relationship. He visits McKinley, as both Mercedes and Mike are back also.

Blaine-Sebastian Relationship

Later in the episode, Blaine arrives at McKinley, not in his Dalton uniform and greets Kurt by his locker. Later, they applaud with their friends after Rachel faces off Sue and kicks her out of the apartment. Blaine approaches Kurt's locker. They are also seen looking at each other with loving looks throughout the song. What the name of the glee episode when puck and Mercades go out?

Fic In Which Blaine didn t hook up with Eli

That it's headed for disaster, and he feels claustrophobic being around Blaine all the time. However immediately after, Blaine realizes that they are meant to be and is devastated. Blaine tells Kurt that he cares for him, but is terrible at romance and doesn't want to risk damaging their friendship. What was the name of the ep of glee were puck and mercadies got together?

Blaine Anderson

Kurt-Blaine Relationship

Come home Love

Blaine-Kurt Relationship

  • Blaine tells him he doesn't want to do the showcase anymore, since Kurt is more important to him than anything.
  • As the series showrunner, Murphy felt tasked with keeping the two apart as long as possible.
  • Kurt looks conflicted and doesn't respond.
  • Thinking that the figure in the bed is Kurt he carries on talking in that direction.

Blaine Anderson

At Scandals, as they are approaching Sebastian, hook up salford Kurt whispers to Blaine that he really doesn't like him. Mercedes-Tina Relationship. Until Sebastian finally tells Kurt that he is trying to steal Blaine. Kurt apologizes saying that he didn't get any sleep the night before. Puck-Santana Relationship.

At the end, Kurt loves the ring and the heartfelt meaning most likely more than any Liz Taylor jewelry and charges Blaine with a warm, powerful and loving hug. When the proposal is accepted, Kurt is utterly shocked and disappointed when Blaine tells him that his crush is Jeremiah, an assistant manager at the local Gap store. Since this episode was depicting a different timeline for the characters, all the previous events starting from Glee, Actually did not happen. They sing American Boy together, which is a huge success and in the end, even June joins them. Kurt stops him and instills confidence in him, despite his disappointment about Blaine's romantic intentions.

What episode of Glee did puck and rachel hook up? What glee episode does puck sing sweet Caroline? Is rachel and puck going to be back together in glee? Kurt sympathizes with Blaine and his brother issues. When he finished, Blaine participates in the standing ovations and goes up to congratulate him and attempts and fails to give him a kiss on the cheek, but participates in the group hug.

Blaine-Kurt Relationship

At the beginning of the episode we see the Warblers performing Bills, Bills, Bills. He can be seen reading a magazine for Blaine. As they walk down the hallway, Kurt indicates that Blaine seems preoccupied. Shelby-Quinn Relationship. Blaine notices Kurt's unhappy response and asks if Wes and David could give him a moment with Kurt alone.

Kurt tells him that he thought the dance step had been perfect and Blaine stops dancing, finally meeting Kurt's gaze. Kurt shakes his head, but to Blaine's surprise, Kurt has his own microphone and joins in. Blaine is shown, after the ceremony is over, holding a jewelry box behind his back.

The boys sing to each other for most of the song, making the performance more personal. After she apologized, but Fin didnt care, this caused a break up. Blaine-Rachel Relationship.

Blaine tells him that everything is not all right because he hurt the one person he loves more than anything in the world. After the performance, Blaine senses something is wrong and asks Kurt about it. Afterwards, she tells them they were terrific and it's been a long time since anybody has proven her wrong. Kurt wants to show he's ahead of the curve and thinks that this performance is too safe and boring. How did Quinn from glee get pregnant?

Blaine-Sebastian Relationship

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  1. At the end of the song, Sebastian attempts to throw a slushie at Kurt, but Blaine shoves Kurt out of the way, resulting in getting a slushie later determined to contain rock salt to the face.
  2. Well, Blaine loves football.
  3. She gives him a last kiss, and leaves.
  4. Blaine, while incredibly happy for Kurt and his success, is visually upset because Kurt keeps talking about how amazing it all is.
  5. After the initial surprise, Kurt reciprocates the kiss, touching his hand to Blaine's cheek.

Who is Quinn currently dating on glee? Later, Kurt walks into the cafeteria, excited and happy by the cards and the gorilla gram that he receives from a secret admirer, whom he automatically assumes is Blaine. The truth is that Kurt was only being supportive by donating clothes to Sam and his family in their time of need.

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