Regular expression for validating phone number, matches these phone numbers

Matches these phone numbers

Custom Filters release announcement. There is no need to escape dot. Try this one - it includes validation for international formats too. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? While it could be shortened a bit, I decided to include each code independently.

This is a very loose option and I prefer to keep it this way, mostly I use it in registration forms where the users need to add their phone number. Regardless of the way the phone number is entered, the capture groups can be used to breakdown the phone number so you can process it in your code. By far the best answer and most complete. What with different structures in different countries and extensions, its a very difficult problem. The last question mark is to make country code optional.

While this code snippet may answer the question, it doesn't provide any context to explain how or why. For Dutch phone numbers as well. Also this will return the Country, Area and Provider. Although it may work, help it is important to explain how and why in order to have complete and relevant information.

There are too many regex variants to validate a phone number. Google released an open source lib for this. Doesn't work for Cyprus numbers. There are many variations possible for this problem. So, your regex will pass the number even though that is not a valid phone number.

Although this post is an old but want to leave my contribuition. Hope this also helps someone. This only ensures that the country code is valid. You should however be format hinting for user input anyway. Use a specialized library.

Modified Eric's regular expression - added a list of all country codes got them from xxxdepy Github. What regular expression will match valid international phone numbers? My regular expression does not include grouping to extract the digit groups, but it can be modified to include those. If you want to deepen in regex for a custom expression, you can review this documentation. Parsing phone numbers is hard.

Setup a private space for you and your coworkers to ask questions and share information. It will help user to correct their format on input tag. It contains all current country codes and codes reserved for future use. That is wrong because it doesn't account for the length variability across the world.

Will your application be used by someone with a phone number from outside North America? Perhaps the easiest one compare to several others. Note that if you enter numbers in this format into your mobile phone address book, you may successfully call any number in your address book no matter where you travel. Returns true if it matches and false if it fails Ref.

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If you using on input tag than this code will help you. Do you think that the question mark is not necessary in? Secondly, your validation is incorrect.

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Would it actually match the backslash? Here's a fairly compact one I created. Usually users have trouble with forms that enforce strict formatting rules, I prefer user to fill in the number and the format it in the display or before saving it to the database. Most importantly, this regex does not mean the number is valid - each country defines its own internal numbering plan.

Regular expression for validating phone number

This led me in the right direction. Consider adding a sentence or two to explain your answer. So this should be quite safe to relay on. Just wanted to add a solution specifically for selecting non-local phone numbers and types.

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Regular expression for validating phone number

How to use Regular expression for validating Phone Numbers in .net

Doing a quick sanity check on the number ensures that an obviously bogus call does not block a valuable channel. My opinion about regexes is that, if you are giving a regex to someone, always accompany it with an explanation, catholic dating sites scotland or the regex is worthless. Thank you for your interest in this question. Is the correct format for matching a generic international phone number. You can use the library libphonenumber from Google.

Adding up an example using above mentioned solutions on jsfiddle. For land lines, replace the plus with the international access code for the country you are dialing from. Try this, kroger dating it works for me. This one comes pretty close to most international phone number formats.

Combined with fezfox's improvements? Just because a problem has already been solved doesn't mean one should give up on the learning opportunity it presents. Please format your answer use four spaces as indents for a code block. There may be dashes, spaces, dots or no spaces between country code, area code and the rest of the number. This is a more comprehensive version that will match as much as I can think of as well as give you group matching for country, region, first, and last.

Regular expression for validating phone number
Regular expression for validating phone number

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Regular expression for validating phone number
  1. Working on a solution first teaches more than simply Googling for it.
  2. My point is that it's not part of the phone number.
  3. For other countries, replace the international access code the at the beginning of the regex with whatever is appropriate for that country's dialing plan.

Regular expression for validating Phone Numbers in .net

This is the best way to go. This is a further optimisation. Here is a regex for the following most common phone number scenarios. As for this specific problem i would change the regex from. And too much validation can be a bad thing anyway.

Regular expression for validating phone number
  • If so, I am not sure how do I do that.
  • This is what I was going to suggest.
  • Basically don't match all zeros.

Regular Expression examples

This reg ex is suitable for international phone numbers and multiple formats of mobile cell numbers. There are cases where users i. The phone call can go anywhere in the world.

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