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It is great not having to follow and find the customers anymore. Private messages My forums Cheat book Go to control panel. It has some give and take, it needs to be polished more. And get out of the addictive phase of being in love with a game. In addition, dominic will have to manage his home-life, including keeping the attention of life-partner julian.

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  1. Look guys can u marry dominic on the first one or the second one.
  2. Please reply i need your help.
  3. You guys need to understand that, style boutique is about fashion, not relationships.

During the main story line, a few events will occur here. Where do you guys get tanita from? Yeah i'm nqot proud of myself but i would defently stalk him. She was angry and said that if i date him again that she won't shop by me and will take revenge.

Style Savvy Styling Star for Nintendo 3DS - Nintendo Game Details

All recent searches will be deleted. So it just doesn't include all the items at once for some reason. This only happened on one of my games though and i have tried twice more. Nothing exclusive or exciting.

New Style Boutique 3 Styling Star

Do what i do and gal Get A Life And bin the goddam game. Yes this is a tricky one to figure out. The smaller story lines do repeat which is annoy because no one else comes to my boutique now because the girls like Molly are always there. So please tell me an useful cheat purlease. There where too much mushrooms in his stew.

Example of a boutique interior. Its impossible but i heard there is a new style boutique coming out called dominics salon and your a hairdresser or something but im not sure if its true. The assistant tells you that you can store everything and not have to clear out stock, but I think maybe the game doesn't believe that you'll ever hold every single item in the game at the boutique. He will walk you home and then on your next birthday you will be dating.

She said that she saw me with dominic, so what? Ye it happend to me too, the next day after the restaurant when he brought me home i went to my shop and guess who camed in. Places like The Meadows and Bougainville are no longer available.

  • Next time i completly faked her.
  • Dominic talks to you you fall for him and nothing ever happens Ever.
  • No clue why, Nintendo made some weird decisions with this new game and this just happens to be one of them.

Style boutique dating dominic. This game is about clothes amd stuff not about dating and there just doing that to make you want to keep on playind and see what happens next. Improved on the previous entry a lot.

It would be so useful to get that money everday. Please write back as soon as possible. Live Music Club - Whilst the location still appears in the game, it's purpose has been altered. The game keeps track of how many times you play. Local multiplayer - The game basically has none this time around and was pretty lacklustre in the previous game.

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New Style Boutique 3 Styling Star
Style boutique 3ds dating

Buy a Alvarado dress and shoes. In Fashion Forward, best dating you could delete more than that number at once. Make-Up Menu Layout - Make-up items are now displayed by color palettes according to the shades at the Beautician and Apartment. Fashion Shows - Probably the most challenging aspect of Fashion Forward that saw you create outfits to match a certain theme and try to achieve the perfect five star score. And do you have to have the same haircolour and make up and skin colour etc.

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The previous game included amiibos such as Samus, Wii Trainer and more amiibos from the Mario series. Lots of new clothes including Nintendo themed ones with Amiibo support. Your code works sooo well let's be friends. Is it possible to marry him?

On Saturday nights, you can watch a performance by Vincent occasionally which is just a short animation. It would be too much effort to skip forward to your birthday for such as small reward. Nails - A new feature to the game that allows you to paint your own nails or the nails of customers.

What's the point in buying the game if you're just going to cheat? Run your very own business and help your customers to become truly stylish! You can purchase furniture and miniatures to decorate your apartment with from various shops in the city.

Style boutique dating dominic - video dailymotion

Don't worry, I barely get any customers either. Awards - A fun new feature that gives players achievements to work towards. Just watch anime, cute romances that don't disappoint. It's coherent, well-composed, and actually interested in fashion.

No it isn't possibly to hide items unfortunately. Apartment - The option to decorate your apartment has returned in the new game. The Lifestyle Shop also sells the interior and exterior decorating styles for the boutique. Please do not follow any of these cheats and very useless codes as none of them will lead you to your dreams.

The fashion is business in the palm of your hand - choose from your path and show your talent! Rainbow is no longer a character in the game. And oh yeah does that work for the european version too? As you fans may be irritated, you can date the character, dominic. Even though it will be quite a treat to go out with a plastic guy, but this game was made for fashion.

Style Savvy Styling Star for Nintendo 3DS - Nintendo Game Details

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You also get the option to take an entire in-game month off if you're impatient for new clothing stock like I am prone to be And the characters are all pretty endearing too. There is not many opportunities to interact with characters outside the story line however, making the game feel a tad empty. Go to the Hair Salon and select afro. The few items that are included are available throughout the year in the basic colour of the item. If only we could get a mash-up of Fashion Forward and Styling Star.

If it worked for you tell the truth and say how plz! It's creepy enough that it's and you haven't given up. He helped me out and then nothing! My friend dated him apparently. But i just can not date him.

So anyway you dont date him. Go to the map and select My Apartment. The hearts and contact cards make no difference with Purple Moon items, characters will only buy outfits off the mannequin if it matches their exact style with all the items.

The questions still appear occasionally but they are much more simplified and customers are more relaxed with their requests for hair styles. Hair Salon Requests - You no longer need to answer questions and guess a customers style in Styling Star. So is this game like style savvy or is it different?

Make-up Sets - These do not need to be located and unlocked in Styling Star. Oh and could someonetell me what grace wears in winter? Jim is the new photographer and the photo system has changed as well. If this were true, dating speed i'd still wouldn't believe a single bit of it. Oh and that whole story about tatiana and hats!

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